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How to Get a Cheap or Free Online Psychic Reading

Talented individuals rarely give away their time for free. Unfortunately, the same is true for psychics. If you’re looking for real psychic readings from a gifted individual, you’ll often have to pay. There are still ways to get a reading for free, or almost free. We can show you three options on how to get a free or cheap psychic reading.

Option 1

3 Minutes Free + 70% Off After That

Our favorite way to get an almost free reading is via Kasamba’s latest promotion. Kasamba offers a 3-minute call for free. You’ll have to enter your card info, but the first three minutes won’t be billed. They are entirely free.

If your call lasts beyond 3 minutes, Kasamba also offers 70% off your first call or first chat. That means that you can get connected to a real psychic for almost nothing. If you want to get answers to your questions but don’t want to pay too much, Kasamba also offers a chat option. The chatting rates are low-cost. With the 70% off + the 3 minutes free, you can get all the answers that you seek for real cheap. And if you’re not satisfied, Kasambal has a risk-free 100% refund policy.

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Option 2

Cheap Phone Psychics

Another option that is worth looking at is Mystic Sense. They offer the best “free” alternative with 5 minutes free. However, you’ll have to make a 10$ deposit to get access to this promotion.

So, with your 10$ deposit plus your 5 minutes free, you will have a 15 minutes call to get your questions answered over the phone. You can probably have something cheaper with Kasamba over chat, but if you’re looking for a cheap phone psychics, this Mystic Sense promo is worthwhile.

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Option 3

$4.99 Email Reading

If you need a question answered, but you don’t want to spend a lot, email reading can be the solution. For $4.99, you can consult a psychic at PsychicOz and ask your question via email.

The good thing about email reading is that you can take the time to think about your question. There is no timer, you can write what you want in your email, and the psychic will take his time to do a careful reading with the information you provide. For less than $5, the risk is null, and the answers to your question might be priceless!

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Top 5 Free and Cheap Psychic Reading Websites


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Why Should I Get A Psychic Reading?

Psychic readings can help people in several different ways. Usually, people are most concerned about the uncertainties of the future. This uncertainty could relate to their career, finances, health, relationships, and other life aspects. You may want to know when you might get that dream job of yours, if you will meet your soulmate, or whether a decision will turn out to be the right one.

Psychic readings can guide you on your future course of action and remove some of the haze of uncertainty. This can enhance your clarity and confidence to either keep going on the path you are currently on or make adjustments to reach your goal. Also, psychic readings can give you valuable insights into the current state of things, which can be very useful in decision-making.

How Do Online Psychic Readings Work?

Traditionally, one had to visit a psychic to get a reading done. However, in modern times, different types of technological solutions have made it possible for readings to be done online. Typically, an online psychic reading occurs via a phone, video chat, or text messaging. This choice of communication method depends totally on your preference.

So, if you prefer typing your thoughts and questions, you can go for a chat or texting. If you want to replicate the one-to-one consultations that happen in the real world, you can opt for a video session. Psychics are usually available through all the different mediums. It is important to remember that online psychic readings are just as effective as those done in person. So, you can go for online options without any hesitation.


Are There Different Types of Readings?

Yes, there are different types of readings. These differences can be in terms of the methods or tools used by the psychic or the way they use these tools. Some of the most common tools that psychics use are Tarot cards, crystal balls, palmistry, numerology, astrology, intuition or insights from conversations, etc. The best technique for your reading may depend on what kind of answers you’re seeking or from your psychic gift.

Also, there are specific types of readings for particular kinds of insights. Some psychics specialize in readings focused on love, others on career, and some may specialize in fortune telling in a general sense.

Can An Online Psychic Reading Help Me Find Love?

Online psychic readings can most certainly help you find love. In fact, it is one of the most common psychic reading requests that psychics get. People often want to make sense of the issues surrounding their romantic relationships, marriage, dating, finding love, and so on. Since psychics can be accessed online, it is now easier than ever to ask them for their advice, tailored to your specific situation.

When you’re trying to find love, you can talk to a psychic about the type of person you are looking for or have always wanted. After listening to you, they will tell you how you can allow love to enter your life or what you can do to enhance your chances of finding someone.


What Are The Other Psychic Reading Specialties?

Many psychic reading specialties relate to the other spheres of life. Apart from love and relationships, the following psychic reading specialties are available online:

Love and Relationship

A psychic can help you find love, or make sense of your romantic situation, your relationships, your marriage, your dating life, and so on.

Purpose in life

Many people look for a higher purpose for their existence, and they are not content until they find it. Psychics can help these people find their greater purpose in life.

Career and Finance

This remains one of the most sought-after specialties. Psychics can help people figure out their career paths, make sense of new opportunities, and ascertain if their financial decisions will pay off.

Healing and Grief

Psychics can also help a person heal after losing someone or experiencing a traumatic event. It helps make the grieving process a little easier.

What Are The Advantages of Online Psychics Readings Over in Person Readings?

Before the internet became a thing, people used to visit psychics for readings. Some even used to travel great distances to be able to see their preferred psychic. Now that the internet has become a household thing, it has become easier than ever to reach a psychic for a reading. And since psychics can do readings irrespective of where you are and the distances involved, it is a no-brainer to opt for online psychic readings.

Now, you can reach a psychic at any time of the day. And you can talk to your favorite psychic no matter where in the world they are. Also, online readings can be more affordable than in-person reading. Another advantage that online psychic readings have is that people are much more comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings online than when they face the psychic, and the results are much better.



How to Prepare for an Online Psychic Reading?

After you have narrowed down on an online psychic, you need to prepare yourself for the reading session. This is essential because proper preparation can lead to more compelling readings. The first thing you need to do is gather as many details as possible about the topic of discussion. For this, you can prepare your notes beforehand with all the questions you want to ask.

Also, if you’re using video, make sure you have a stable internet connection. Otherwise, there might be interruptions which can throw the psychic off course. Another thing you can do is make yourself calmer. You can meditate for five minutes or take some deep, relaxing breaths before beginning the session.

How Accurate are Online Psychics?

Many factors can influence the accuracy of the reading. If the psychic has more experience, they are likely to be more accurate. If they have a robust natural gift or strong psychic powers, they will be much more accurate than someone with a thin psychic connection. Their accuracy may also depend on how many details you can provide them and how smooth you are in your expression. Also, in some cases, a person might need to take more than one session to be accurate. That’s often the case when people are a bit tensed or stressed during the first reading.