Free/Cheap Reading Copy

Option 1

Free 3 Minutes + 70% Off After That

Our favorite way to get an almost free tarot reading is via Kasamba’s latest promotion. Kasamba offers a 3-minute call for free with an experienced tarot reader. You’ll still have to enter your card info, but the first three minutes won’t be billed. They are entirely free.

If your reading lasts beyond 3 minutes, Kasamba also offers 70% off your first call or first chat. That means that you can get connected to a real tarot reader for almost nothing. If you want to get answers to your questions but don’t want to pay too much, Kasamba also offers a chat option. The chatting rates are low-cost. With the 70% off + the 3 minutes free, you can get all the answers that you seek for real cheap. And if you’re not satisfied, Kasambal has a risk-free 100% refund policy.

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Option 2

Cheap Phone Psychics

Another option for a cheap tarot reading is Mystic Sense. They offer the best free alternative with a 5 minutes free on your first call. However, you’ll have to make a 10$ deposit to get access to this promotion.

So, with your 10$ deposit plus your 5 minutes free, you will have around 15 minutes to get a quality tarot reading. You can use this time to get all your questions answered over the phone. You can probably have something cheaper with Kasamba over chat, but if you prefer to use the phone, this Mystic Sense promo is the cheapest phone tarot option.

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Option 3

$4.99 Email Reading

One of the cheapest options for a true tarot reading is via email. For $4.99, you can get a full tarot reading over email at PsychicOz. This is probably one of the cheapest alternatives to get your questions answered.

The good thing about email tarot reading is that the reader can take his time to perform a meaningful spread and analyze the results. The reader will write back the results and answer your initial question. There is no timer, you can ask what you want in your email, and the reader will focus on what you’ve asked. For less than $5, the risk is null, and the answers to your question might be priceless!

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